Things To Know


We know life happens and when it does, just give us a call, text or email! We just ask- to the best of your ability, let us know before 8am the day of your scheduled service, so we can adjust our operation schedule.


If inclement weather affects your scheduled services, we will contact you to reschedule (generally 1-2 business days). If the grounds are over saturated, we are unable to mow until the they are dry enoughNot only do we take pride in keeping our equipment in good shape- visually & mechanically, but your lawn will also thank us for not leaving ruts!

Yard Obstacles

We reserve the right to reschedule OR refute service if to many obstacles prevent us from doing our work. Thistle & Wood reserves the right to charge a “fee” of $25 if we are required to reschedule due to yard obstructions.Thistle & Wood is not liable for damages to “obstacles”, however we will do our absolute best to avoid damaging.

This could include:

  • Children’s toys, play houses (we will mow/trim around these items)
  • Inflatable pools or hot tubs* (we will mow/trim around these items)
  • Grill’s* (we will mow/trim around these items)
  • Trampolines* (we will mow/trim around these items)
  • Tables & chairs* (we will mow/trim around these items)
  • Water fountains* (we will mow/trim around these items)
  • Irrigation lines & sprinkler heads* (we will mow/trim around these items)
  • Yard lights or decorations* (we will mow/trim around these items)
  • Any other items causing obstruction
  • Pet waste
    • For sanitation, the health of our customers and their pets, Thistle & Wood will not “mow over” pet waste. Not only does this make your lawn and our equipment a mess, it also increases the chance of spreading roundworms and parasites to humans and pets. We reserve the right “go around it” or to “refute” providing service to the areas that are effected.

*our employees are not able to move these items due to liability

Bagging, Mow Height, Growth

  • Thistle & Wood does not bag grass clippings. By leaving the clippings on your lawn and allowing them to decompose, their break down releases nutrients back into the soil (nitrogen). This helps grass grow greener, healthier and thicker.
  • Thistle & Wood mow’s at a 3″ cut. Here in Colorado, anything below 3″ can burn your lawn and make for unsightly patchy, yellow grass and cause root damage. In the Spring, it’s important to start watering your lawn as long as the freezing temperatures have subsided.
  • With watering comes growth and growth needs maintenance before your grass gets to a unmanageable height (6″ or more). Overgrown lawns will also require a added fee. Not only does it take more fuel, time & more equipment wear, but it also takes more time to clean the equipment.Also keep in mind, it may take several weeks of mowing for your lawn to look manicured.


Once you have been assigned a service day, please adjust your sprinkler schedule to NOT water the night before -OR- the day of service. Doing this will allow your lawn a better look and cut.

Soil Quality

Your lawn and soil need water, nutrients and care. But sometimes the soil your lawn sits on may be deficient of important minerals that helps keep you’re lawn green and growing. Therefore, Thistle & Wood is not liable for a lawns growth or lack thereof. It’s recommended you water you’re lawn frequently and fertilize early Spring and late Fall (before freezing temps.). Aeration is the best way to break up the layers of compacted soil and allow water, seed and fertilizer to penetrate into your lawn. Aeration is also recommended two times a year, Spring and Fall.

Property Accessibility

We reserve the right to reschedule service in the event we are unable to access your property (i.e. backyard gate is locked, there is a pet left in the yard, any reason we cannot provide our scheduled service). Thistle & Wood reserves the right to charge a “fee” of $25 if we are required to reschedule.

Do you use a fertilizer company?

If you use a fertilization company such as TruGreen, Lawn Doctor etc. Please make sure your fertilization company and your lawn appointment with Thistle & Wood, are NOT on the same day. This is to ensure your lawn treatment is properly applied and does not risk being disrupted by our equipment. Thistle & Wood reserves the right to charge a “fee” of $25 if we are required to reschedule due to a same day service conflict.


We request that our customers flag their sprinkler heads prior to aeration service. We do our best to avoid all sprinklers by staying 10-12 inches inches inside the property line. However, if the customer does not flag the sprinkler heads in their yard, Thistle & Wood is not responsible for any damages. We’re also more than happy to provide you with yard flags, free of charge.


Fertilizers contain minerals that could stain pavement. While we air sweep all concrete areas thoroughly to prevent this; wind, animals and foot traffic may carry granules onto these areas, potentially causing staining. Watering after fertilization (the sooner the better) will help cut down on this. Water breaks down the granules, making them harder to transfer to other areas.

String Trimming

Due to liability reasons, we do not string trim inside of rock bed or mulch areas. The best thing for random grass or weeds growing inside your rock beds, is to pull or spot treat with a weed/grass killer.